Project File:

Whangamata Marina

Whangamata Marina Society

Coromandel Peninsula
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Sep 2008 - Apr 2009


The Project

Construction of the Whangamata Marina commenced in September 2008 and was completed within 12 months. The Marina was predominately designed to cater for recreational vessels and is New Zealand’s newest marina on the Coromandel Peninsula. The marina is situated inside the Whangamata harbour and is protected by a solid rock breakwater on three sides. There are a total of 209 berths within the marina that range from 10m to 20m in length and Total Floating Systems were awarded the contract to provide a turn key product. Total Floating Systems worked alongside the Whangamata Marina Society, boat users and general public to ensure the final objectives of the collective group were achieved.

The Whangamata Marina Society opted to install one piece round ended fingers throughout the marina. Round end fingers provide a more boat user friendly berth and modified corner frames allow berthing more closely to the pontoons and walkways. The final outcome and feedback received has been positive and Whangamata Marina Society have credited this to the collaborative approach adopted with Total Floating Systems.

Marina Statistics

Contract Value: $ 4M
Contract Period: 7 months
Total water space: 4.0 hectares
Total number of berths: 209
Berth lengths:
12.0m —82
13.5m —30
15.0m —26
16.0m —19
18.0m —2
20.0m —7
Cat 13.5m —2
Cat 15.0m —2

Client Testimonials:

Total Marine's performance was outstanding. They were innovative, flexible, easy to work with and totally reliable. At the end of the project they delivered an excellent product on time and on budget.
Mick Kelly, Whangamata Marina