Project File:

Orams Marine Village Slipway Repair

Client – Orams Marine

Orams Marine Village, Auckland
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Apr 2010 - Nov 2010 (7 months)

Slipway Length

Slipway Grade
approx 1 in 6 (17%)


Project Description

Total Floating Systems were commissioned to undertake repairs on a 70m section of the 600 ton slipway at Orams Marine Village. The slipway was originally constructed in 1915 and during that time Orams have slipped a number of boats of various shapes and sizes. Over a period of time issues started to occur with the rail alignment and levels and eventually a 70m section of the slipway had to be replaced. The pre-cast concrete beams utilised in the slipway lattice framed design were manufactured by Total Floating Systems. A total of 80, 3600mm x 360mm x 460mm side beams, 40, 5190mm x 800mm x 460mm centre beams and 40, 2070mm x 300mm x 360mm cross beams were cast to replace the 70m section. The design of the lattice frame structure was supported on 16m long 609mm dia steel piles driven into the seabed. Once the piles were driven to the correct level the beams and rails were all positioned and simply bolted together. The slipway repair was undertaken by Total Marine Services, Northland crew and took 7 months to complete with the 350T Janice of Wyoming christening the slipway on the 14th Nov 2010

Physical Works

  • Demolition of existing slipway rails and beams
  • Piling
  • Underwater Dive work, Assembly of beams
  • Dredging and Excavations

Client Testimonials:

I want to thank you for an outstanding display of operational management under the most difficult of circumstances...
... indicates the depth of your company's resources in the performance of a contract, involving a site where conditions are virtually unknown.

Rod Sneyd, Marine Maintenance Solutions Pty. Ltd. (Aust & N.Z.)
Ariadne Australia Limited (Aust.)
Orams Marine (N.Z.)

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