Project File:

Bentzen Farm Boat Ramp

Bentzen Farms Limited
Contact – Craig Hetley & John Rightson

Waipero Bay, Bay of Islands
36° 83' S 175° 70' E

Time Period
Aug 2007 - Nov 2007


Project Description

This was a private installation which included two fixed wharves and floating pontoon structures and a boat ramp. The ground conditions where the boat ramp was to be located was classified as being non structural and the boat ramp had to be constructed as an independent self supporting structure.


All works were undertaken without any delays or incidents. Scrutiny of the project by local residents and authorities was paramount and no breaches in the conditions of Resource Consent, Building Consent or Health and Safety were reported. Due to the remote location and pristine environment the proposed works were to be undertaken in a manner that minimised the disturbance to the surrounding areas. Aggregate from the surrounding area adjoining the boat ramp was provided to the casting team and used in the manufacturing of the bridge slabs. The finishing of the bridge panel was designed to expose the aggregate so that the panel blended in with the natural surroundings, reducing the visual evidence of a man-made structure.

Physical Works Associated with the Boat Ramp

  • Drive 16m H piles to specified height this included driving piles beneath the water line
  • Cast and manufacture all concrete members
  • Place horizontal support beams
  • Place pre-cast bridge slabs